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mobile apps development

Mobile Apps

Design and Development of mobile apps, tablet apps for android and iOS to create rich digital touch-points for people to engage with your business.

Does your business need a mobile app? Should it be for your consumers or fellow – businesses or for use within your enterprise itself? Should it be for phones or tablets? Why not just make your website responsive for all devices? Let’s help you with some answers. Send us a note, we will get in touch with you for a brief discussion on how adopting mobility holistically can help your business.

What are the benefits of a Mobile app?
  • Potential to use inherent device features to solve problems faster and smarter.
  • Potential to create rich user interactions, use gestures like swipe, drag, touch etc.
  • Choice of building a device specific app or an html5 app that can be used on all devices.
  • You can customize a phone or a tablet to run only your app and brand the device as yours

Responsive Websites

Design and Development of fully responsive websites to improve the overall experience on your website when viewed on any device.

What is going wrong with your website? We could send you a free report on what is going wrong with your website and what needs to be changed from a design, user experience, technology, product and online marketing perspective. If you do not have a website, and looking to create one, we could send you our free case-studies on how responsive websites have transformed businesses.

What are the benefits of a Responsive Web Design?
  • The website design adjusts itself automatically to any device, any screen size.
  • Information can be read and actions can be taken conveniently from mobile devices.
  • Complex informational sites.
custom web development

cloud apps

Cloud Apps

Architecture, Design and Development of highly optimized cloud solutions from the ground up and preparing your old, legacy applications for the future.

local storage or my desktop? Let’s help you with some answers.We architect cloud based solutions for enterprises and consumers, for a variety of needs as it completely eliminates location and hardware constraints. With information stored and accessed on the cloud, automatically synced on all devices connected to internet, cloud solutions make you mobile ready, hardware independent and eliminate the risk of protecting data all by yourself.

What are the benefits of a Cloud app?
  • Safe, easy storage and access to data, anytime from any internet device.
  • No risk of data theft or losing data because of hardware crashes or virus attacks.
  • Cloud providers worry about firewall security, backups and disaster recovery for you.
  • Scalable, efficient and makes you mobile ready.

Mobile Sites

Design and Development of highly optimized mobile sites (WAP sites), to make your website usable even on low end phones with slow internet connections.

We do end to end design and development of mobile sites, adapting desktop websites for mobile users, keeping it minimalistic aimed at optimal performance for faster loading on phones and tablets. You choose what must go into your mobile site – whether it should have all features as on your desktop site or a sub set of it or a completely different set of features.

What are the benefits of a Mobile site?
  • Potential to reach a massive segment of mobile web users including feature phone users.
  • No download or installation needed. Only a mobile browser with internet needed.
  • Ability to completely optimize the site for performance, faster loading of pages.
  • SEO advantage for mobile searches.
Mobile Site Development

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Drive relevant traffic to your website, learn how customers are discovering you online, analyze sections of your site that drive high engagement and sections that don’t, continuously improve your website offerings based on how customers are engaging with your business.

Is your website optimized to show up on search engines? Does your website show up for the right keywords it has answers for? Does it appear in the first page of search results? We offer tailored SEO services to answer these questions and get your website page 1 rankings.

  • Perform initial SEO audit of your website that includes complete review, keyword research and competitor analysis.
  • Develop an SEO project plan for your website, define one-time and ongoing effort.
  • Start with on-page optimization for all pages of the website and internal linking to improve rankings.
  • Subsequently create landing pages for each keyword and optimize.
  • Optimize content, images and URLs, working collaboratively with your team.
  • Submit your website to popular directories and search engines for higher visibility.

Desktop Apps

Design and Development of desktop apps, for standalone machines, windows or mac that can be installed on a single computer to perform specific tasks for your business.

We do end to end design and development of customized desktop applications for windows or mac aimed at performing certain set of tasks specific to your business. Send us a note, we will get in touch with you for a brief discussion on how standalone, desktop applications can help your business.

What are the benefits of a Desktop app?
  • Ability to work offline, independent of internet, on a standalone computer.
  • Ability to restrict access to run the app to a single computer or set of networked computers.
  • Lower security threats as usage is restricted to one or few selected users.
Desktop Apps

web portal development

Web Portals

Architecture, Design and Development of complex web portals and enterprise portals to create single point of access to information, resources and applications and make it available for users to meet critical business objectives.

We architect, design and develop customized web portal solutions aimed at accelerating your business. Send us a note, briefly describing your need. We will get in touch with you on how we could help.

What are the benefits of a Web portal?
  • Potential to be a great starting point for your consumers on the internet.
  • Single place to sign-in for access to all resources, applications and people, ideal for corporates / enterprises.
  • Potential to bring together diverse functionalities under one roof – shopping cart, live chat, forum, billing etc.

Enterprise Software

Architecture, Design and Development of customized Enterprise Software solutions that embrace business logic and support key functions to help organizations operate optimally and efficiently.

We help organizations with end to end design, development and deployment of customized enterprise solutions to improve productivity and efficiency. We make sure the solutions we develop are intuitive for your staff, aligned to your work culture, ways of operating and decision making. We will work with your team to understand everyday behaviours and gradually get them used to performing functions on our applications.

What are the benefits of Enterprise Software?
  • Potential to digitize critical business processes to maximize productivity.
  • Choice of migrating enterprise infrastructure to cloud and being mobile ready.
  • Potential to architect robust systems that help you scale up your business faster.
enterprise software


e-Commerce portals

Design and Development of e-Commerce portals (electronic commerce), to enable consumers to buy and businesses to sell products and services online, powered by the internet.

We help businesses small and big, with end to end design, development and launch of their online retail store. We make sure your portal is continuously optimized for the right keywords and gets the traffic it deserves. To further broaden online reach and engagement, we make your portal responsive so mobile users too can interact with it conveniently.

What are the benefits of an e-Commerce portal?
  • Potential to sell your products and services to a massive number of online shoppers.
  • Ability to easily run promotions and offers that anyone across the globe can avail.
  • Cashless transactions, electronic payment and no offline commerce.
  • Potential to have separate B2B and B2C portal offerings.


Ongoing maintenance services for all your software be it web, mobile or cloud with a dedicated tech executive assigned to your account. Any technical consultation or advice, anytime.

Do you need someone to handle promotions or campaigns on your website? Wish you had someone to help you update content or images, a call away? Would you have someone else take the risk of virus attacks, app crashes or page not found errors? We offer dedicated maintenance services to answer these questions and do all the worrying for you.

How do we take care of your maintenance needs?
  • Perform initial software audit of your website(s) or application(s) that will include complete review, taking a formal handover of the code-base from your team and understanding existing CMS (content management system) controls if any.
  • Help you with editing, revising or updating text or graphic content on an ongoing basis.
  • Monitor your website(s) and application(s) on a daily basis to ensure everything is working as it should, check compatibility on all browsers / devices and upgrade plugins where necessary.
  • In case of downtimes, help you by liaising with your website hosting company and sort out the situation as quickly as possible
  • Provide protection against hackers from gaining access to your site, protect your emails from spam attacks and ensure regular backup of your site so it can be fully restored in case of loss.
  • Provide any technical consultation, advice or issue resolution anytime you need.

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